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Client Success Stories



Just finished a B3 Sciences BFR workout in my home. I started BFR training on February 25th at Size 2 on the arms. I was struggling today keeping the size 2bands to stay up and realized they were now too big! I put the size 1 bands onto work out and felt great. Curious to see what my body is looking like ...

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B3 Bands are for Serious Senior Athletes too!  Penny Tolman trains with B3 Bands to compete in National Meets in Hurdling and Pole Vaulting. She won the Gold Medal at Masters National Championships in2019 in the Pole Vault...

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B3 Bands were a game changer for my performance and for every HS Athlete who wants to play at the D1 level. As a HS Football player I dreamed of playing college Football. I had worked out and trained my entire life. But only the Fastest Athletes get the D1 scholarships...

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I started using B3 Bands about 4 months ago after meeting Dr. Mike and Scott Moore in Fort Worth.
My results have been amazing:

I was diagnosed about 15 years ago with torn meniscus. My knees would always hurt after playing a lot of Pickleball and I have to wear knee pads. Now after using B3 Bands, my knees don’t hurt any longer, and I no longer wear the knee pads!

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For the past 3 years, no matter how much I worked out and watched what I ate, I could not lose weight. I have been struggling with thyroid issues since high school. These pictures are 2.5 months apart, down 9 lbs., 2% decrease in bodyfat, 1.2% increase in muscle...

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Before and after 3mo BFR Training
Lost 12 lbs fat
Gained 4 lbs muscle
3” off waist
20min a day with light weight or just body weight.
First pic is from 2014 last time I took a pic with shirt off until now.

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Average weight loss on the Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan® is 12 pounds. Clients are in weight loss, on average, for 12 weeks
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