Is this backed by Science?

The B3 Science Advisory Board’s review of over 310 Studies on BFR has shown:

“There is a robust increase in circulating growth hormone levels (GH) 30 minutes after a BFR session. The same exercise without BFR produces no increase in GH Levels. Positive effects are not just seen on muscles, but blood vessels, tendons and bone, as well”

“BFR Training performed with light weights is as effective as heavy weight training, when it comes to improving strength. To the contrary, using the same light weights without BFR does not demonstrate improved strength”

“Many USA Olympic, Collegiate, and Professional Athletes are now training with BFR and are performing better and putting less stress on their bodies”

“BFR exercise is a safe and effective exercise program for people of all ages including 8-80”

“Rehabilitation from injury can be done quicker and safer with BFR”

“BFR is being used for cardiac rehab for seniors to improve recovery and strengthening of the cardiovascular system”

“Endurance athletes, and people who like to do hard running or biking sessions, will benefit greatly from BFR. BFR reduces duration, lessens impact on the body, and shortens recovery time”

“Together we have over 70 years in the health, fitness and training industry. We have never seen anything like this!”

Dr. Jim Stray Gundersen
Dr. Mike DeBord

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